This is a Polaris Window product offered exclusively by authorized dealers. Window and Siding Planet is one of a few window installers in the country to have been awarded access to install these premium, triple-glazed, energy-efficient windows.

While low-grade vinyl offers benefits like low cost and easy care, it is a basic product that strains easily and is subject to cracking and expansion. High-end vinyl, on the other hand, offers increased strength, durability, and impact resistance. Most 100% vinyl windows offered by Window and Siding Planet meet Energy Star® requirements.

The American Architectural Manufacturers Association rates windows based on an industry standard of .30 CFM, which equates to 2.25 gallon of air leakage per window per minute. Window products are sealed to offer better performance qualify for AAMA Certification. Window and Siding Planet proudly carries ENPS windows, which are rated at .01 CFM and other high-performance vinyl windows rated at .15 CFM or better.

Windows are comprised of three separate sections that combine to form a whole window. These are the pane, glass, and mechanical parts. Window and Siding Planet uses only the highest-grade windows to ensure these pieces work together the way they should every time you open them.

The experts at Window and Siding Planet take the position that vinyl windows are a superior product to wood for a number of reasons. High-quality vinyl windows withstand the elements and will not crack, fade, or chip. Ask your Window and Siding Planet specialist for more information regarding our window warranty and guarantee.

Yes! Window and Siding Planet is one of the nation’s leading providers of patio and entryway doors. Our Ultraweld patio doors by Polaris are a guaranteed value when installed by a certified Window and Siding Planet technician.

The sun acts as a natural bleaching system for colored surfaces. The same way the sun tans your skin in the summer, it can steal pigment from curtains, fabric furniture, carpets, and area rugs. Window and Siding Planet suggests windows and doors outfitted with laminated glass to reduce UV ray intrusion.

Window and Siding Planet advocates the use of EnergySmart glass, which is an insulated glass held together by strategically positioned spacers. This creates an insulated air atmosphere between the panes that works to keep your home’s interior temperature at the desired setting.

Vinyl, according to Window and Siding Planet experts, is a solid material, meaning it is colored all the way through. For this reason, it does not show scuffing or scratching damage in the same way that wood does.

Window and Siding Planet uses only the best vinyl and prefinished wood siding from Mastic and Wausau Siding Systems, respectively. Insulated siding is one of our most popular products and not only enhances the beauty of a home’s exterior but also protects the interior from sudden temperature changes outside. Siding is low- to no-maintenance and an overall value for homeowners.

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