Repair or replace? That’s the big question when it comes time to consider windows as a home improvement project. Making a decision may be easier than you think. Read on for insight from the home improvement pros at Window and Siding Planet.

Q: Can drafty windows be repaired?

Window and Siding Planet: Possibly, but a successful fix depends on the reason they are leaking air in the first place. Older windows, for instance, may be built with a wooden frame, which can expand or contract. In this case, you can try adding weather stripping to the seal but it probably won’t take long for the draft to return.

Q: Repairing old windows is cheaper than paying for new ones, right?

Window and Siding Planet: Actually, keeping inefficient windows in your home may be costing you more money. The functionality of your windows affects up to a quarter of your electric costs. If your power bill averages $225 per month, you could potentially save more than $600 each year by replacing old, single-pane, windows.

Q: Do wooden windows pose a safety concern?

Window and Siding Planet: Sometimes, yes. Windows installed before government regulations banned lead-based paint in 1978 may contain toxins that are dangerous to the home’s occupants, especially young children. Lead poisoning can cause severe joint pain, learning disabilities, behavioral problems, and a host of difficult-to-treat symptoms, including colic and memory loss.

Q: My screens are full of holes and look terrible. Can I replace just those?

Window and Siding Planet: If the windows are otherwise functional, keeping the home comfortable, and still look good, then replacing outdated screens may be a temporary measure to enhance your home’s curb appeal. But it is likely that once the screens are ready to go, the windows are not far behind. When that time comes, we are here to help with professional and affordable sales, service, and installation!