Buying a home is an exciting time and it is easy to overlook issues that could compromise satisfaction in your future abode. Here, Window and Siding Planet offers advice on what to look for in windows before signing on the dotted line.

Inability to open/painted shut

Older homes were often built with wooden window frames, meaning they have to be painted every so often to maintain their beauty. The caveat here is that layers of paint can build up over time and make the windows impossible to open. According to Window and Siding Planet installers, this poses a danger to the home’s occupants as windows should be a point of egress in case of emergency.

Cracks/broken glass

It’s not hard to see cracks and broken glass during a walkthrough, but it is easy to write them off as simple repairs for later. However, as Window and Siding Planet explains, broken windows may be better off removed and replaced, especially if they are outdated and inefficient single pane windows. Replacing the glass on a window that doesn’t work right in the first place is only a temporary stay on its ultimate fate. It is better to move into a home that works for you rather than one that causes your hard-earned money to literally fly out the window.


There is nothing worse than moving into a home in the summer only to freeze all winter long because of drafts you did not notice before closing. Window and Siding Planet asserts that each window seal should be inspected to ensure there are no air leaks that would affect the year-round comfort of the home.

Single pane windows

Single pane windows are guilty as charged when it comes to failing to meet energy standards. If your otherwise-perfect home features low-grade, single pane windows, consider asking for an allowance to help cover the cost of replacement. Window and Siding Planet offers a huge selection of affordable, ENERGY STAR-certified windows and we will gladly work with you to get an estimate before your closing date.