Spring is in the air, but you might not know that if you cannot open your home’s drafty, warped old windows. Here, Window and Siding Planet suggests four important reasons to make window replacement a priority before the heat of summer.

1. Old windows may pose a threat to your family’s safety.

Windows that are painted shut restrict your ability to exit a home in case of an emergency, such as fire. Window and Siding Planet experts further point out that window frames installed prior to 1978 were likely painted with lead-based paint, which can cause developmental delays, intestinal problems, and behavioral issues in children.

2. The air in your home isn’t as great as you might think and it’s costing you money.

Mother Nature is a great air conditioner, when she wants to cool things down a bit. If your old windows won’t open, you are stuck paying for heating and cooling costs that you might otherwise avoid. Letting the air circulate through your home can also purge it of polluted air – the air inside a home can be more than 2x more polluted than air just past the glass, says Window and Siding Planet.

3. New windows can reduce outside noise intrusion.

With warmer weather comes a surge in outdoor activities, from kids playing to backyard landscapers revving up their lawnmowers. Window and Siding Planet has the window system solution to help keep unwanted noise out of earshot when you want to enjoy a quiet afternoon in.

4. Bugs can’t break glass.

Those creepy crawlies that are so important to the greenery of spring have no place inside of your home. Unfortunately, improperly sealed windows, cracked glass, and degraded screens allow all sorts of six- and eight-legged intruders indoors. Ants, ladybugs, flies, gnats, and more can be thwarted at the point of entry by new windows from Window and Siding Planet.