The windows in your home are only as good as the sum of their parts. This, according to the service reps at Window and Siding Planet. The company is one of a handful of exclusive Polaris ENPS premium window dealers.

Window and Siding Planet carries a full selection of Polaris products, including the coveted ENPS window system. The ENPS is built from advanced materials and was designed by the nation’s most experienced engineers to consistently outperform the competition.

The ENPS catalog features a high-grade vinyl frame for exceptional impact resistance and strength. Most ENPS windows are labeled ENERGY STAR-certified, meaning Window and Siding Planet customers enjoy both comfort and value long after installation.

Polaris has designed the ENPS window to exceed builder standards with upgraded seals meeting AAMA Gold Certification standards.

The ENPS 3-in-1 Passive Solar Window comes standard with an impressive .19 U-value; by comparison, other high-performance windows rate .30, with lower values indicating better heat retention performance. Window and Siding Planet explains this remarkable U-factor is achieved by combining two or three panes of low-E glass with a cost-effective Argon gas filling. An award winning spacer system and polymeric frame and sash seal the ENPS line tight, protecting homeowners from the elements better than any comparable window product on the market today.

Window and Siding Planet points to the ENPS’s foam-filled frame as another value contributor to Polaris’ premium window selection. An R-value of 24 makes the ENSP 12x more thermal resistant than hollow vinyl and 2400% more effective at keeping heat from passing through the window than traditional aluminum or wood frames.

A final thought on the ENPS: Most homes’ walls are 15% – 20% window space. Polaris’ ENPS double and triple glazed window systems ensure that 100% of wall space is sealed airtight to prevent heat loss in the winter and to keep cooler air inside where it belongs during the hot summer months.